Step 1
Choose the number of sound engineers needed based on the complexity of the filming

If there are people moving in scenes, it is important that there are 2 soundmen since the boom operator has to be holding the stick, which complicates level management. A boom operator or sound assistant is also recommended for filming that is in a hurry, if there is only one soundman and you have to look for something additional, you have to stop everything to do it.

Step 2
Select the basic equipment package you need for the project

If you are only interested in labor, the Sound Operator rate changes to compensate for the loss of work that can be seen reflected.

Step 3

Select the additional equipment you need

For many specific and complex projects the equipment of the packages will not be enough, you can select from our list of additional equipment all the equipment that we can rent you that you need for your filming.




Step 4
(Not yet possible) Send us the Quote by Email

This is the final step, and write us a message to confirm that it arrived.

 **Due to the increase in electricity in 2021 and gasoline in February 2022, we have restructured the way we are charging.


Individual rates

All this but in the form of a good bastard board!

  • Comtek System - Rental of wireless system for reference to production - 50.00
  • Comtek M-PR-216 Transmitter - Wireless transmitter for reference - 35.00
  • Comtek PR-216 Receptor - Comtek PR-216 Receptor - 25.00
  • Sennheiser EW 112 - Wireless Microphone System Rental - 35.00
  • Tentacle Sync E - Timecode Generator Rental - 25.00
  • Vidpro XM-55 Shotgun - "Shotgun" Type Directional Microphone Rental - 50.00
  • Aquarian Audio Hydrophone
  • Traditional clapperboard 
  • Red NT55
  • Red M5
  • AKG C214
  • Rode NTG3
  • Rode NG4
  • Audio-Technica BP 4025
  • Audio-Technica 2020
  • Audio-Technica Chiquitito
  • Zoom H1n Recorder
  • Grabadora Sound Devices Mix-pre 3
  • Grabadora Sound Devices Mix-pre 6
  • Grabadora Sound Devices Mix-pre 10T
  • cheap hearing aids 
  • Sony UWD
  • Plugon
  • RodeLink 

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