Sound of protests in Puerto Rico

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In the summer of 2019, the people of Puerto Rico took to the streets to demand the resignation of then Governor Ricardo Roselló. The government's ineffectiveness in handling both the country's economic crisis and the natural disaster caused by Hurricane Maria had already heated up the spirits of the citizenry. The straw that broke the camel's back was when, in that summer, the chat where Ricky and his cabinet made fun of the crisis of the town they served was leaked.

They demonstrated an attitude of irresponsibility and inequality towards their positions and the country they represented. The town took to the streets for two consecutive weeks, in the largest series of demonstrations ever seen in Puerto Rico's history. The result? The people gave themselves up in a fight for morality and justice. The government gave in. Ricky resigned on July 24, 2019.


  • Length: 3:35
  • Format .WAV
  • X/Y Stereo
  • Recorded with Rode Nt5/Sound Devices 633
  • Edited as little as possible to keep its original sound.

Audio description:

Public atmosphere, songs and music. Exterior urban area.

Here is a short documentary we made about one of the days of the protests:


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