Aural Mind Audio in Action

Here we share some of the projects in which we have worked, along with the work done by us on the project.

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Behind The Music (Ep. 1 Ricky Martin)


Direct Sound (Ricky Martin Interview) 

Juanes Origen


Audio Cleaning / Sound Editing / Sound Design

Restauración de Corales Medalla Light with Pedro Capó


Direct Sound

Residente Maibock : No Necesitamos Slogan


Direct Sound / Foley Recording / Sound Design / Audio Mixing

Impaulsive Episode 278


Podcast Recording

Pfizer: Mi Héroe


Direct Sound

 Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure


VO Recording / Sound Design and Mixing

WorldNet: Juan está con la experiencia de WorldNet


Direct Sound / Sound Design and Mixing / Musical Logo Design

La Formula Steam (Serie TV WIPR)


Direct Sound / VO Recording

Trail of Ashes


Direct Sound / Audiopost / Music

Yerba Buena


Sound Design / Sound Mixing

Kraft/Heinz PR: Bikismo diseño un Oscar Mayer Wienermobile


Direct Sound

BrandStudio PR: Sobrellevar el difícil camino del cancer y la ansiedad con el ciclismo de montaña


Direct Sound

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