List of Tested Microphones with their Specs

This is our list of all the microphones we have tested so far. This list is part of our project: Test Tuesday, which consists of every Tuesday on the YouTube channel of Aural Mind Audio we will be posting a video in which we record an audio test of a microphone, recorder, instrument or audio equipment. Tested microphones will appear in the list below



AKG C214

AKG C314

AKG Lyra
Audio-Technica AT2020
Audio-Technica AT2035
Blue Yeti
Countryman B6

Deity V-mic D3

DPA 4060 Core
Electro-Voice RE20
Rode NTG4+
Rode NTG3
Rode RodeLink Lav
Rode Smartlav+
RODE Wireless Go
Sanken COS-11D
Sennheiser EW 112P G4
Sennheiser MD 46
Sennhesier ME 2- II
Senneheiser MKE 2
Sennheiser XSW-D

Shure SM7B
Zoom XYH-5 (Zoom H5)



We will be updating this list monthly as we test.
We hope it helps you!

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