When we start working on a post-production project, we generally require 3 things:


1. The video of the project (ideally 720p)

2. An AAF or OMF archive (containing the publication data)

3. A folder with all the audios that were exported from the AAF


The following export format for the AAF's is he preferred by Aural Mind Audio. 

Remember that everything on the timeline will be exported. It is recommended to disable (Shift+E) the rest of the elements not used in the timeline so that nothing additional appears in the export. 😉



File : Export: AAF File

Mixdown video: 
Use tape sources when present:

Breakout to Mono:
Render audio clip effects: 
Include clip copies without effects: 
Sample Rate: 48000 Khz
Bits per Sample: 24 
Files: Separate Audio

Preserve media directory name: 
Format: Broadcast Wave
Render: Trim audio files
Handle Frames: 120





If you still have doubts, here we explain it a little more in detail in the program. 🔥🔥


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