Professional Solutions



Voice Recording & ADR
Ensure the audio quality of your project with the best voice recordings.
  • Voice overs
  • ADR/doblajes
  • Radio Locutions
  • Music Voices
  • Animation Voices
  • Podcasts

Foley Recordings
Complement your audio with our foley recording services.
Foley is the art of reproducing sounds of everyday life in a recording room after the video has been shot.
Its main purpose is to fill in the audio with the subtle sounds that were not captured in the direct sound. It can also be used to enrich a scene that lacks auditory elements.

Audio Cleaning
Optimize your audio containing noise issues recorded in harsh environments.
We locate, reduce and even eliminate unwanted noise in your audio.
More common:
  • Clicks
  • Frecuence Drops
  • Distortion
  • Environmental noises

Sound Design
Add sound creations that highlight your project on a creative level.
Sound design is the creative process of editing and manipulating existing audio to create new sonic elements.
This is done in order to give more emotion and impact to the soundtrack of your audiovisual project.

Sound Mixing
Refine all the elements of your audio to create the ideal balance.
We work the balance of all the elements of your audio, and we deliver it to the parameters required for the medium in which it will be heard.
Mix formats we currently work:
  • Stereo
  • 5.1

Music Composition
Enrich your project with musical originality.
Music is essential for audiovisual projects and therefore we recommend working with original content.
Some benefits:
  • Creative Control
  • Musicalization direct to cues
  • Direct editing to visual inputs
  • Musical elements straight into the story
  • Instrumentation personified to history
  • Own identity
  • English
  • Español