ADPR016 - Expressway #52, Ponce - Ambience

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Impressive: P-O-N-C-E. Immense, but not enough to represent the pride that Ponceños feel for being from there. Since its construction was completed in 2004, hundreds of tourists and locals stop at the PR-52 promenade to take their pictures. Standing 20 feet tall and painted red and black, the colors of that municipality's flag, the Ponce letters have become a point of reference in the southern part of Puerto Rico.


  • Duration: 4:00
  • .WAV format
  • X/Y Stereo
  • Recorded with Rode Nt5/Sound Devices 633
  • Edited as little as possible to keep its original sound.

Audio description:

Heavy freeway traffic, close perspective

Here a sample: 

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