Complete Collection* Aural Mind Starter Pack
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Complete Collection* Aural Mind Starter Pack

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We present our first official collection of sounds and audios recorded by us, The Aural Mind Starter Pack!

This collection includes 60 audio files in high resolution .WAV format, recorded at different stages of our career as sound engineers.

Despite being recorded at different times, with different equipment, all audio has been edited to provide the best possible quality.

This library has been an indispensable resource throughout our years of working in the audio post production industry. AKA: "La vieja confiable".

Composed of a variety of audios that we have recorded for past projects; from movies and short films to advertisements and commercials.

It is an excellent tool for all those who are starting out in the field of audio post production and for all those who are looking for sounds with a touch of Puerto Rico.


Official audio list

  1. Sound of airplane taking off, Interior
  2. Sound of forest, Birds, Day, Cayey
  3. Sound of forest, Birds, Day, El Yunque
  4. Sound of basketball court, 3 forf 3, Night, Guaynabo
  5. Sound of city, Background music, Light traffic, Day, Exterior, Rio Piedras
  6. Sound of rain, Urban area, Day, San Juan
  7. Sound of dock, Urban area, Close perspective, Day, Cataño
  8. Sound of dock, Urban area, Close perspective, Day, Cataño
  9. Sound of parking building, Light traffic, Interior
  10. Sound of people in nightclub, Interior
  11. Sound of beach, Bosque Seco, Day, Guánica
  12. Sound of beach, Strong waves, Río Grande
  13. Sound of public plaza, Day, Bayamón
  14. Sound of reception desk, People talking, Air conditioning, Interior
  15. Sound of stream, Day, Cayey
  16. Sound of residential room, TV on, Night, Interior
  17. Sound of airport terminal, Interior, Unknown airport
  18. Sound of airport terminal, Interior, Airport LMM, SJU
  19. Sound of airport terminal, Traffic and people, Exterior, Airport LMM, SJU
  20. Sound of rural urbanization, Passing cars, Day, Carolina
  21. Sound of rural urbanization, Night, Carolina
  22. Sound of urbanization, City, Birds, Day, San Juan
  23. Ambiente night, Crickets, Insects in rural area, Night, Coamo
  24. Ambiente residencial, City, Dog, Day, Interior, San Juan
  25. Ambiente residencial, Night, Interior, Guánica
  26. Ambiente rural, Light traffic, Birds, Insects, Day, Cayey
  27. Sound of train in movement, Tren Urbano, Interior
  28. Fx - Metal pedestal fan, High speed, Close perspective
  29. Fx - Metal pedestal fan, Slow speed, Close perspective
  30. Fx - Metal pedestal fan, High speed spin, Close perspective
  31. Fx - Metal pedestal fan, Low speed spin,Close perspective
  32. Fx - Airplane taking off in the distance, Day, Exterior, Airport LMM, SJU
  33. Fx - Looking in wallet, Interior
  34. Fx - Car accelerating with belt alarm, Honda Accord, Interior
  35. Fx - Car turning on and starting, Honda Accord, Interior
  36. Fx - Carro turning on, Starting in reverse, Coming back and shutting down, Honda Accord, Exterior
  37. Fx - Car, Emergency brake and turning off the car, Honda Accord, Interior
  38. Fx - Car, Parked, Emergency brake, Honda Civic, Exterior
  39. Fx - Car, Arriving, Emergency brake and turning off the car, Honda Accord, Exterior
  40. Fx - Car, Engine briefly turning on and off, Toyota Matrix, Exterior
  41. Fx - Car, Passing fast, Honda Accord, Exterior
  42. Fx - Car, Passing average speed, Honda Accord, Exterior
  43. Fx - Car, Person entering and leaving, Honda Accord, Interior
  44. Fx - Car, Turning on, Accelerating, Turning off, Honda Civic, Exterior
  45. Fx - Car, Starting, Starting, Starting air conditioner, Belt, Running, Mazda 3, Interior
  46. Fx - Body Struggling, Clothes, Backpack
  47. Fx - Toilet, Flushing down, Tank filling
  48. Fx - Sink, Running water, Miscellaneous
  49. Fx - Bird, Parakeet, Agapornis, Lovebird
  50. Fx - Bird, "Reinita" in city environment, Day
  51. Fx - Dog panting with movement, Bowser Alejandro
  52. Fx - Weak door opening and closing
  53. Fx - Snoring, Man
  54. Fx - Electric sound online audio, Different intensities
  55. Fx - Home phone ringing, Different versions
  56. Fx - Telephone, Dialing numbers
  57. Room Tone - Bathroom, Extractor fan, Light movement of people
  58. Room Tone - Car with air conditioning on, Nissan Kicks
  59. Room Tone - Residential kitchen, Refrigerator motor, Some birds, Car passing
  60. Room Tone - Room, Urban Area, Light Motion, Distant Aircraft, Day


With the total value at less than 0.45¢ per audio, it's a great collection for the price.

May it be of benefit to you!